Labyrinth Pops Back Up

By: JD Hardin

It’s been thirty years since Labyrinth was released, but the legendary film has never left popularity. Now, Funko is celebrating the 30th anniversary with four brand new Pop Vinyls. As with most Funko Pop! series’, these will probably only be available a short time. But, you never know, this series might be added on to later with exclusives and variants. (Special note: The Labyrinth Pops currently available number 363, 364, 366, and 367. They have skipped 365. That will more than likely be a Jareth variant!)

All of these Pops show more detail than usual. Jareth and his extensively complicated outfit look superb. Hoggle and his over sized pirate style shirt show wrinkles, distress, and a realistic aesthetic. Sarah & Worm are just too cute not to add to your collection. And Ludo looks like a puppy in the pound with those eyes.

So get to your local retailer and place your order before it’s too late. Check out our friends at Toxic City Comics and their HUGE selection of Funko Pop!

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