Power Rangers Fever

By: JD Hardin

It’s happening again. Just like two decades ago, Power Rangers fever is sweeping the nation, and The Nerdery has it. And, just like twenty years ago the toys are going to lead the way. Once again, resembling it’s original debut and the Power Rangers themselves, these toys are more than meets the eye.

Let’s start with the Putty. Now this guy doesn’t exactly look like he’s made of clay like in the original MMPR, but he looks far more terrifying. While details on the figure are sketchy, it looks like he will have some sort of spring loaded “smashing action”. At current, this is the only look we have of the new Putty Patroller. I, for one, love the new look and am anxious to see this guy on screen.

Now, on to the Power Rangers themselves. Just like the original action figure series, the torsos are a little on the bulky side. It’s to be expected to a degree. Having to hide another head inside the body can make things a little cramped inside for arm hinges. Not to mention that these will be marketed to children who inherently rough toys up a little bit. To compensate for that, the plastic that makes up the torso needs to be a little thicker than what most adults require.

Another feature worth noting is the Morphing articulation. The original series placed the ranger’s symbol directly on the chest to stay. The new ones have remedied that issue to a small degree. The symbol rests on the back while in “civilian mode”. As the head flips the upper body turns back to front, exposing the ranger’s emblem and the helmet. A little on the goofy side but remember, these are for the kids.

The biggest complaint that I have, even from a child’s perspective, is the lack of leg articulation. Look closely, the only movement that the legs display is the squeezing that triggers the morphing action. In this day in age the fact that poseability must still be sacrificed to allow the swapping of a head. Personally, I would rather have a helmet to lose.

Since these are the only two who have any sort of appearance, we’re assuming that these will be the launch set and the rest of the rangers are to follow. These bad boys will have a reported MSRP of $14.99 and should be available through all the major chains, ie. Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Target.

Overall, an unimpressive 3.5 out of 5 capes.




Lego Takes The Fight To The Empire

By: JD Hardin

It’s no secret that Lego continuously produces Star Wars sets. Lego is looking at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story no differently than any other Star Wars film. September 30th Lego will release eight sets for the upcoming film.

75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank

75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank: 385 pieces, $29.99, Chirrut Îmwe, Imperial Hovertank Pilot (x2)

Image result for rogue one hovertankSeen here in this screenshot, the Hovertank seems to be just as it sounds. I must say, from what we can see from the film, Lego seems to have done a great job in duplicating the vehicle.

75153 AT-ST Walker

75153 AT-ST Walker: 449 pieces, $39.99, AT-ST Driver, Rebel Trooper, Baze Malbus

Another great job by Lego. This is not the largest AT-ST that Lego has produced, nor the most detailed. But, it is nowhere near the smallest either. At 449 pieces it easily claims the title of second largest. The largest boasting an impressive 1068 pieces, and the third largest coming in at a mere 244 pieces. With a retail price of $39.99, it sports a fair amount of detail for the size as well.

Image result for at-st

75154 TIE Striker

75154 TIE Striker: 543 pieces, $69.99, Imperial Shoretrooper, Imperial Ground Crew, TIE Pilot, Rebel Trooper

The TIE Striker is one of quite a few new vehicles being ushered out for Rogue One. That being said, outside of the film there’s not much to go on as far as accuracy. It looks pretty close, however. At first glance, I didn’t care for the appearance of the set. I thought it looked odd and a little incomplete. After looking at the photos below, I realized that the TIE Striker just looked that way.

Image result for tie strikerImage result for tie striker

75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter

75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter: 659 pieces, $79.99, Bistan, Rebel Trooper, U-wing Pilot, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso

The U-wing is another new aircraft for the film. While many are comparing the craft to the smaller X-wing, it bears a striking resemblance to the slow and bulkier Y-wing. Regardless, the craft has peaked a lot of collectors interest.

75156 Krennic's Shuttle

75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle: 863 pieces, $89.99, K-2SO, Bodhi Rook, Pao, Director Krennic, Imperial Death Trooper (x2)

While we’ve seen many of the shuttles in Lego form over the years, this is definitely a new one. Krennic is a character who would almost require a shuttle that is one of a kind. With a daunting 863 pieces this is not a one shot build, unless you like Lego marathons. Who doesn’t, though?


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Star Wars Lego release without some character builds!!

75119 Lego Jyn Erso

75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso: 104 pieces, $24.99

75120 K2-SO

75120 K-2SO: 169 pieces, $24.99

75121 Imperial Death Trooper

75121 Imperial Death Trooper: 106 pieces, $24.99

Voltron Defender of the Shelf

The original Voltron series aired in 1984, and has been a pop culture phenomenon ever since. Spawning multiple series including a one hour special and several comic books. Growing up in the 1980’s, I am a huge Voltron fan. Now thanks to Sideshow collectibles, there’s finally and extremely detailed Voltron statue that is a wonderful work of art.

Standing an impressive 27″ tall, it’s a tower of a figure. The incredible detail looks like a mixture of the original series from 1984 and the series that debuted on Netflix June 10th. The battle wear shows an attention to detail that has become Sideshow’s trademark.

The retail price for this bad boy is a hefty $1250. No small sum to the average collector. Nevertheless, there are collectors out there who have the budget for it. All I can say is I envy them.

Funko! Goes Crazy With SDCC

By: JD Hardin

It’s no secret that we at The Nerdery are big fans of Funko Pops! And this weekend is the holy grail of nerds the world over. San Diego Comic Con is going on right now and everyone is releasing exclusives just for the event. Funko is releasing an arsenal of SDCC exclusives that would stagger any collector. Some have not been directly confirmed by Funko themselves, such as the Conan set. Or the Hair Bear pops.

But, the extensive list below have been directly confirmed directly by Funko. The first group may be available at certain outlets in limited quantities. The second group is only available at Funko’s booth at SDCC.

Retailer’s SDCC Exclusives


Funko POP Disney: 2016 Summer Convention Exclusive Pirates of The Caribbean Ghost Barbossa Action Figure
Pop! Disney: Pirates of the Caribbean – Ghost Barbossa & Monkey

Funko POP Disney: 2016 Summer Convention Exclusive 6" Elliot & Pete's Dragon Action Figure (2 Pack)
Pop! Disney: Pete’s Dragon 2-pack – 6″ Invisible Elliott with Pete

Barnes & Noble

Pop! Movies: Fantastic Beasts – Newt Scamander

Pop! Movies: Willy Wonka – Violet Beauregarde

Pop! Animation: Strawberry Shortcake – Purple Pieman & Berry Bird (Scented)
Pop! Minis: Harry Potter 3-pack

Pop! TV: Peanuts – Patriotic Snoopy

Box Lunch

Pop! Animation: Duck Dodgers – Glow-in-the-Dark White Gamma (1500pc LE)


Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim – Sex Bob-Ombs 3-pack

Dorbz: Game of Thrones 3-pack


Dorbz: Stan Lee

Dorbz: X-Men 3-pack

Dorbz: Burton Batman 3-pack

Pop! Marvel: Cowboy Deadpool

Pop! Television: The Walking Dead – Burning Walker

Pop! Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Han Solo with Bowcaster

Pop! Movies: Batman v Superman – 6″ Doomsday

Pop! Movies: Batman v Superman – Superman (False God)

Pop! Games: Gears of War – Marcus Fenix (Golden Lancer)

Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange with Rune

Hot Topic

Dorbz Ridez: Wreck-It Ralph – Vanellope

Pop! Animation: The Powerpuff Girls – Blossom (first-to-market)

Pop! Animation: The Powerpuff Girls – Bubbles (first-to-market)

Pop! Animation: The Powerpuff Girls – Buttercup (first-to-market)

Pop! Disney: Pajama Jack Skellington

Pop! Marvel: Black & White Thumbs Up Deadpool

Pop! TV: Arrow – Malcolm Merlyn

Pop! TV: iZombie – Olivia Moore

Pop! TV: The Flash – 6″ Gorilla Grodd

Pop! TV: Game of Thrones – 6″ Mag the Mighty

Pop! Movies: Suicide Squad – Underwater Batman

Pop! Star Wars: The Force Awakens – BB-8 (Thumbs Up)

Rock Candy: New 52 Harley Quinn

Rock Candy: Purple Suit Catwoman


Funko Pop Rides: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 with Slimer (Convention Exclusive) - Only @ Target. Image 1 of 1.
Pop! Ride: Ghostbusters 2013 – Red Ecto-1 with Slimer

Toys “R” US

ReAction: Dark Crystal – Landstrider Box Set


Funko POP! Marvel: SDCC Green Goblin
Pop! Marvel: Green Goblin with Glider


Funko POP Games: Five Nights at Freddy's , Golden Freddy Summer Convention Exclusive
Pop! Games: Five Nights at Freddy’s – Golden Freddy

SDCC Funko Booth Exclusive

Here are the last of Toy Tokyo’s SDCC 2016 exclusives you’ll find at the Funko booth (#5341)!

Dorbz Ridez: ’66 Batman – Gold Batmobile

Pop! Animation: Space Ghost – Zorak

Pop! Animation: Space Ghost – Brak

Dorbz: Flash Gordon 2-pack – Flash Gordon & Ming the Merciless

Hikari: Marvel – Classic Captain America (500 LE)

Labyrinth Pops Back Up

By: JD Hardin

It’s been thirty years since Labyrinth was released, but the legendary film has never left popularity. Now, Funko is celebrating the 30th anniversary with four brand new Pop Vinyls. As with most Funko Pop! series’, these will probably only be available a short time. But, you never know, this series might be added on to later with exclusives and variants. (Special note: The Labyrinth Pops currently available number 363, 364, 366, and 367. They have skipped 365. That will more than likely be a Jareth variant!)

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DC’s BvS Figures

By: JD Hardin

The toy industry has officially gone wild. DC has released their own BvS action figures, and they look pretty good. They are a little low on detail. I myself, prefer Sideshow Collectibles sets for the incredible detail. However, for those who want a figure that will endure a little handling, it seems DC has accommodated you perfectly. Retailing at around $20, these are more than affordable for a children’s toy, and they don’t look awful sitting on a shelf either. Like I said, they’re not the most detailed figures out there, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more detailed figure in the $20 price range.

BVS Lego!!!

By: JD Hardin

So Batman V Superman is quickly approaching and Lego has beaten a lot of people to the punch on supportive toy lines. The Nerdery has already received the Clash of Heroes set (Lego catalog # 76044). I have to say, it’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of detail in this relatively small set. From the Batsignal, to the glowing Batman head, to the shooting Batgun, it’s been a great deal of fun.

These sets look spectacular and, of course, I’m going to get them all. If your into Lego, Batman, or Superman, these are a must have for your collection.

At current, there are three sets available. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t more coming. The information we have at the present time suggests it will only be these three sets, but we’re still hoping for more.

Lego has already started teasing a Suicide Squad Joker. Does this mean that we’ll get a Suicide Squad set? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned to The Nerdery as we will be keeping tabs on this for you.