Voltron Defender of the Shelf

The original Voltron series aired in 1984, and has been a pop culture phenomenon ever since. Spawning multiple series including a one hour special and several comic books. Growing up in the 1980’s, I am a huge Voltron fan. Now thanks to Sideshow collectibles, there’s finally and extremely detailed Voltron statue that is a wonderful work of art.

Standing an impressive 27″ tall, it’s a tower of a figure. The incredible detail looks like a mixture of the original series from 1984 and the series that debuted on Netflix June 10th. The battle wear shows an attention to detail that has become Sideshow’s trademark.

The retail price for this bad boy is a hefty $1250. No small sum to the average collector. Nevertheless, there are collectors out there who have the budget for it. All I can say is I envy them.